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Online Police Fitness Program

5 Day Police Fitness Challenge

Are you sick of loosing motivation and confidence that you will pass and become a Police Officer. Do you feel as though the performance just isn't happening like you want it to? Then Join our free program now.


What's Included In This Program

5 Mindset Vidoes

You'll discover over 5 days how to shift the results of your training instantly!

FREE 1:1 Coaching Session!

Speak with Past Police Officer and Breakthrough Coach Chris Chandler-Yates to work through your current struggles of joining the Police

Private Facebook™ Community

Access to a Private Facebook Group to meet likeminded future Police Officers, get support, accountability and build lifelong connections.

The Agenda

Day 1: Creating A Compelling Vision

Together we're going to look at the #1 reason why people fail... and It's not what you think. Most people fail because they don't set goals big enough! 

In order to be successful you need to learn how to set goals at an "Emotional" level not a surface level.

In day #1 we'll answer the question - "What do you really want from your future"

Day 2: Create a Strategy to Success

Why do we all struggle to follow through on the things we want in life? Often we create a goal and take a step forward only to then take two steps back!

In day 2 we'll talk about how the proven strategy you must get right in order accomplish what you set out for!

Day 3: How to run to your MAX efficiency

Why do Olympic champions always pull through even when they seem to have nothing left in them? It is because they know WHY they were born to be the best and where that WHY comes from.

In day 3 I take you through the process of finding WHY you are not running to your highest capabilities!

Day 4: How to double your Push-ups

"Whether you think you can or you can't you're right!" 

- Henry ford

Push-ups are very much about strength but the most important thing with not just you push-ups but your run as well is your technique.

Day 4 is all about technique or your push-ups and your run so we get you faster and stronger instantly!

Day 5: Create The Pathway Of Least Resistance

When you align yourself with where you are then what comes in the future is easy.

On day 5 we will take you through what I call the pathway to the Police. We will take everything you learned and turn it into habit and results. You will learn the best pathway to becoming a cop.


Meet Chris Chandler-Yates

Chris is New Zealand's #1 Police Mindset Preparation Coach. He is a qualified NLP practitioner, performance coach and personal trainer. He’s passionate about inspiring people to take control of their opportunities and live life on their own terms.

In 2017, after a career as a NZ Police Officer, that culminated in VIP protection, he realised that he wasn’t fulfilled in the way he needed to be and so made a massive life shift. After diving into self-development and realising his greater purpose, for the past two years, he’s worked with 100+ future police officers on becoming prepared for the job and the best version of themselves they can be.

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