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Free Strategy Session for Aspiring Police Officers

Do you want to pass your Police application in 2022?

Are you sick of not having the motivation and confidence that will help you pass the application and become a Police Officer?

Do you feel as though your performance just isn't where you want it to be? Then you need to book your FREE strategy session (worth $199) with me now!

Meet Chris Chandler-Yates

Chris is New Zealand's #1 Police Mindset Preparation Coach. He is a qualified NLP practitioner, performance coach and personal trainer. He’s passionate about inspiring people to take control of their opportunities and live life on their own terms.

In 2017, after a career as a NZ Police Officer, that culminated in VIP protection; he realised that he wasn’t fulfilled in the way he needed to be and so made a massive life shift. After diving into self-development and realising his greater purpose, for the past two years, he’s worked with 100+ future police officers on becoming prepared for the job and the best version of themselves they can be.

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What Is Conquered On Your Coaching Call


Everyone has times where they struggle to stay motivated. This is why at Knocking Demon Fitness we don't motivate you. We teach you to become DETERMINED to win! In your coaching session we will teach you how to achieve the winning mindset so you are naturally motivated and you stop at nothing to accomplish your goals and dreams.


Without the confidence that you can achieve your goals and dreams, you will always struggle to stay on the right path.

We'll show you exactly how to be so confident, people already believe you are a Police Officer, even before you go to Police College.


As a Police Officer you have to be able to run. To join the Police you have to pass a running test. Simple really!

We're going to show you how to drop minutes off your run pace and begin to have the mindset of the most fit and elite of all Police Officers and applicants.


As a Police Officer you have to be able to hold your ground, not just to protect those around you, but to be able to protect yourself as well. There are multiple strength tests to pass your Police Application, so we're going to guide you in the top strength exercises to pass every one of them with commendations.


As a Police Officer, on time is late. If you arrive somewhere on time, many times everything is already over. So to make sure our lives run smoothly, we teach you how to ensure everything is organised, so you know what and where you need to be. We help you to create a routine, in order for you to get the best results, in the least amount of time, to acheive your goals and dreams.


Most importantly as a Police Officer, you must show results. Without results, Supervisors can struggle to understand your role within the team and in turn, you let yourself and others down. 

If you don't get results in your training, you can't succeed at your goals and dreams. Let us help get you quick, long lasting RESULTS!

Let's Hear What Outcomes You Can Expect

We don't post photos or real names for security reasons

Hannah T

Chris gives you more than just a fitness plan

 He gives you a new outlook and helps turn those negatives into positives. In addition you meet new people and make new friends. I reached goals I thought I never would and that's thanks to Chris.


It’s crazy how different my mindset is

Just finished up a run and it’s crazy how different my mindset is and how much more enjoyable running has been since starting this challenge.


I feel much more prepared to take on the challenge of the NZ Police.

The calls were definitely a highlight. After them, you feel extremely motivated and even if its 9:30pm at night, I would jump in my car and hit the gym.


The tools Chris and his programs offer are endless

Not only did I achieve my fitness goals to pass the tests (new ones are set now!) but the advice from Chris and the members when it came to academics and the formal interview helped me more than I thought I needed, ensuring I passed each stage, as this is it! My plan A / the end goal.

Get Closer To Being a Police Officer Today

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