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Police Master Group

Free Strategy Session for Aspiring Police Officers

Are you sick of not having the motivation and confidence that will help you pass the application and become a Police Officer? Do you feel as though your performance just isn't where you want it to be? Then you need to book your FREE strategy session (worth $199) with me now!

The next level of your Police preparation & career begins here!

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Hi there! Chris here…

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If you’re anything like I was when I decided to join the Police, which I have a feeling you are, you’ve been dreaming or trying for what feels like forever to accomplish your goal of becoming a Police officer. You see other people or know of others who seem to get there way faster than you and you think “I wish that was me!”

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. You have big visions of overcoming the LIMITING BELIEFS, wanting to be constantly MOTIVATED, getting up each day to do that run, smash out those push ups and strive towards the goal of being a Police Officer. If you get these things in place, you’ll be able to get that dream job… but it seems like no matter what you do, it’s just not working out, right? Until now!

This is exactly why I created the Police Master Group for future Police officers, who are ready to take control of their fitness, overcome the limiting beliefs that are holding them back, in order to increase their performance and probability of accomplishing their goal, FAST!

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There’s a reason you’ve found my page;

are you ready to take the next steps and take action?

Through my proven strategies that I learned after experiencing Policing myself, I’ve helped hundreds of people. When you have the tools to identify what truly drives you, your life can improve dramatically. This is the core foundation of Mastering Police Life.

The truth is: becoming a Police officer is 100% achievable. When you have the tools, strategies and understanding about why you believe the things you do about yourself, you’ll perform and achieve at a level you never have before. Meaning your goal of becoming a Police officer is that much closer and you’ll be motivated, seeing results FASTER.

This is why I’ve created the Police Master Group, because I want to teach you how every area of your life affects your ability to perform. Once you join and dive into the course, you’ll be saying ‘I wish I’d found this sooner!’

Within Police Master Group, you’ll find actionable steps - along with a support structure and accountability - so that you can easily apply what you learn to your life and training and see RESULTS… fast! After all, if what you’ve been doing until now hasn’t got you to where you want to be, it’s time for something different!

That’s where Police Master Group comes in. Are you ready to understand exactly what steps need to be taken, find the things that are blocking you from taking the necessary action to ensure you achieve the goal of becoming a Police officer? If so, read on!

What you will acheive during your STRATEGY session ...


Everyone has times where they struggle to stay motivated. This is why at Knocking Demon Fitness we don't motivate you. We teach you to become DETERMINED to win! In your coaching session we will teach you how to achieve the winning mindset so you are naturally motivated and you stop at nothing to accomplish your goals and dreams.


Without the confidence that you can achieve your goals and dreams, you will always struggle to stay on the right path.

We'll show you exactly how to be so confident, people already believe you are a Police Officer, even before you go to Police College.


As a Police Officer you have to be able to run. To join the Police you have to pass a running test. Simple really!

We're going to show you how to drop minutes off your run pace and begin to have the mindset of the most fit and elite of all Police Officers and applicants.


As a Police Officer you have to be able to hold your ground, not just to protect those around you, but to be able to protect yourself as well. There are multiple strength tests to pass your Police Application, so we're going to guide you in the top strength exercises to pass every one of them with commendations.


As a Police Officer, on time is late. If you arrive somewhere on time, many times everything is already over. So to make sure our lives run smoothly, we teach you how to ensure everything is organised, so you know what and where you need to be. We help you to create a routine, in order for you to get the best results, in the least amount of time, to acheive your goals and dreams.


Most importantly as a Police Officer, you must show results. Without results, Supervisors can struggle to understand your role within the team and in turn, you let yourself and others down. 

If you don't get results in your training, you can't succeed at your goals and dreams. Let us help get you quick, long lasting RESULTS!

Who is Police Master Group for?

If you are a future Police officer who:

+ Is fed up with going through each day and seemingly never reaching the end result your looking for

+ Is ready to learn about what’s holding you back and take action to change

+ Is not just wanting to be any old Police officer, but wants to make the biggest impact by being the best Police officer you can be

+ Wants to take your fitness, health and mindset to an exceptional level

+ Wants a one stop shop where you learn how to ensure you don’t return to your old patterns

+ Is willing to unpack why you do what you do and dive into topics like mental wellbeing, self care and previous trauma in order to clear blocks

+ Wants a group of like minded individuals to help keep you accountable and to build new networks of humans like you

+ Is willing to invest time into yourself and is hungry for the tools, resources and support to change your life

+ Wants help and is willing to invest in it

+ Is ready and willing to do whatever it takes, to take your life their life to the next level

... then Master Group is for you!!

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You're so ready to be a Police officer!

I know you’re ready to be guided by a coach and mentor who has been through it all and is eager to give you the tools he used to go from being a burnt out cop who lost himself, to knowing what he is worth and how to demand it and thrive.

The upgrade you’ll get just by joining is one you must experience to believe! We’ve heard from so many members of Police Master Group that after taking part in their strategy session, they already felt more confident and driven to achieve their dreams and desires with new found determination!

This happens because when you say yes to working with someone whose mission is to give you more confidence and determination, you automatically start to look for ways to be the version of YOU that you desire, without even thinking about it.

It’s time for you to say YES to your next level in life and commit to doing the work to become a Police officer on a whole new level, a quantum level. In 9 Week Police Master Group, you will be surrounded by a supportive team, myself and a community who gets you, sees you and is eager to evolve with you! Let’s get you to your dream of becoming a Police officer faster.

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We don't post photos or real names for security reasons.


Trust the process!

 I was at my initial medical and was sitting at a run time of 14:38. I've now finished the program and I'm sitting around 12:50.


This program is the bomb!

This program is the bomb, straight on point, the best decision I've ever made. It made me face my own demons and improve my physical training. It made me see situations and other things differently. Thanks again Chris for your program, it's helped me become a better person and prepared me more in becoming a Police Officer.


I've been finding self motivation which is fabulous!

I've actually been able to push myself and gain a lot of distance that I've never been able to achieve before! Just by following the program I gained a better time of 17:25 from 22:37 for my 2.4km which is slowly improving every month. Thank you so much!


I encourage you to take part and even invite your friends along.

With the help of Chris and keeping track of my progress, I achieved something I thought wasn't going to be possible when I have my test on the 11th November.


What if I am just starting my fitness journey?

If you are just getting into it or just getting back to your fitness routine, we'll give you a program and walk you through exactly what to do, no matter where you're starting. We want you to succeed and get amazing results!

Do I Get A Certification?

Yes! After completing the whole Self Mastery program you'll graduate with:

  1. Mastering Police Fitness
  2. Police Fitness and Mindset Qualification

Do I need a gym membership?

All you need is your own two feet and two arms with an attitude to succeed. We do recommend having a gym membership as well, to build rounded strength and fitness, but we will guide you through creating a program for what you have available and the level you're currently at.

Can I do this training at my own pace?

Just like anything in life you are allowed to go at whatever pace you wish to go at. At Knocking Demon Fitness, we will push you past what you believe to be your limit, so you get the results you signed up to accomplish. To grow, we must step out of our comfort zone, while being guided to create success.